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Virtual Pacemaker
Optimize your training

Simple instructions during training.

Simple like a trafic light: in the floor it projects green light bean to run faster and red light bean to run slower. All depending on how did you set your training with the APP.
In the case it is too sunny, it gives you vibration and/or light feedback on the top product’s location.

Acurate pace feedback with or without GPS signal.

If you run through a forest or park, you will always know how are you running.
Thanks to an artificial intelligence system, in those conditions REEN® could know if you are running at the correct pace.

Artificial intelligence create your trainings.

It automatically create customized trainings according to your goals when you insert your data in the APP.
Monitor your results by synchronizing the APP in order to obtain your results’s graphics.

There is much more:

Share it at home


Without the need of any heart monitor

Compatible with Strava®

Different feedback possibilities

Share it at home.

United toguether

It is not necessary each one to buy a different device. Just buy a single REEN® and share it with your family in order to be used by everyone with their own training calendars.

Without the need of any heart monitor*.

Intelligent cardio training zones

You could calculate your cardio zone-based trainings without the need of any heart monitor. Thanks to an algorithm created along with personal trainers, REEN® calculates your cardio-training zones according to your physiological parameters. (*Ask to your medic before training).

Compatible with Strava®.

The biggest sport social network.

Share your REEN® trainings and challenge your friends.

Different feedback notifications.

According to the daily time.

If today is sunny and you can’t see the light feedback on the floor, you can press REEN®’s buttons to get notifications by vibrations (1 long or 2 short vibrations) and/or in REEN®’s top location.

Moreover.. it is really confortable to be worn!

you will be amazed to see
how confortable and compact it is.

Keep in touch

REEN® will be for sale soon and if you subscribe you will be one of the first persons to know it and buy it.

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